What Is A Holding Company & Why Does LandCentral Use Them?

By Cam Clark

When buying anything online, you want to know who you’re buying from. With land especially, some important bits of information you should ask right away are, ‘Who is the company I am buying property from? Who owns the properties shown on their website? What parties are involved when making a purchase from this company?’ The answer to these questions about LandCentral and our properties is simple and helps make your land investing experience easy, affordable, and solid.


LandCentral owns all of the properties shown on LandCentral.com outright and we keep the title of each property recorded under the name of one of our holding companies until the property is sold. Holding companies are commonly created, owned, and used by businesses as a form of asset protection. Measures like this are a big reason why LandCentral has been in business for over 15 years and can provide a secure investment and the most affordable land for sale on the internet!


By owning all of the properties outright, LandCentral avoids making you, our customers, jump through hoops, and keeps the largest selection of owner financed land in the United States active on LandCentral.com. Whether you’re planning on paying for your next property in full or opting for our easy owner financing program, LandCentral and our holding companies are organizations you can trust.

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