How To Change Zoning On Land

By Josh Speiss

Understanding how to change the zoning of your property first requires understanding what your current zoning is. This can be found by calling your county’s Planning and Building Department; this may also be known as the Zoning Department, or something similar, in some counties. LandCentral will always provide you with the current zoning code, but it never hurts to double check with your local planning office. After this, you can look through the local zoning ordinances to see approved and permitted uses of the property.

After checking on your current zoning code, you may be dissatisfied with the permitted uses of the property. Maybe you yearn to run a large squirrel farm or build a 100-foot water slide in your backyard; these uses may not be allowed. Don’t worry there’s always a way to change zoning on land. Here are the simple steps you need to follow when you wish to change your current zoning code.

The Re-Zone Application Process

  • Find out what application or permit is needed to apply for re-zoning. These can be found at the local county offices or even on most county websites.
  • Fill out the application completely, and be sure to include all vital information and specifics that may be needed about your property.
  • Pay any application or permit fees. These may range from $10.00 to upwards of $200.00 depending on the area.
  • Wait. Some re-zoning processes can take up to 90 days to be approved, though the average is around 30 days.
  • Note that some counties will have application deadlines, such as the first of every month. Check with your local agency to find out.
  • Should you be denied a re-zoning approval request, you are entitled to an explanation as to why, and you may be able to appeal the decision. There will be county-specific procedures you will need to follow specific to reques an appeal. Contact local agencies to better understand the process.

Now that you have gotten your re-zoning application approved you are able to build your new squirrel farm. Or that huge water slide you have always wanted. Whatever your desires, follow these simple steps to change zoning on your land, and all will be well; your dreams can begin to become reality.

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