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California Dreamin: 7 Overlooked Counties to Own Affordable Land

By LandCentral

Oh, California. You beautiful state you. Known for its warm beaches, famous people, and wine country, California is a big state with big dreams. If you’re one of the many people dreaming of owning a piece of the Golden State, then we’ve got you covered. Check out California Dreamin: 7 Overlooked Counties to Own Affordable Land:

5 Awesome Facts About Arkansas

By LandCentral

Tucked between Oklahoma and Mississippi is the great state of Arkansas. Home to the Ozarks and Pinnacle Mountain State Park, this picturesque land is a nature lover’s dream. But that’s not the only secret hiding in Arkansas. Check out LandCentral’s 5 Awesome Facts About Arkansas:

Mississippi Land: The Best Kept Secret in the US

By LandCentral

Mississippi is one of the best kept secrets in the US. From its affordability to its mild winters, Mississippi has everything land owners are looking for in 2023. So let’s learn more about Mississippi Land: The Best Kept Secret in the US:

Nevada Land: 7 Large Acre Lots Calling You Home

By LandCentral

Nevada land is calling! Will you answer? Tucked away in the northeast corner of Nevada and surrounded by the majestic Ruby Mountains is the land you’ve been searching for. Elko County, Nevada is a charming county home to the quaint city of Elko, where culture, cowboys, and climate reign supreme. Find out why this hidden gem is finally getting its due…

Why It’s Time to Move to Michigan in 2023

By LandCentral

Michigan is calling! This Great Lake State is trending in 2023 and we know why. From affordable housing to stellar recreation, Michigan has everything you could ask for in a place to call home. So let’s dive in to LandCentral’s Why It’s Time to Move to Michigan in 2023:

How To Prepare Your Land for Natural Disasters

By LandCentral

Natural disasters can be hard to predict. Sure, there’s supplies to purchase that may save you from mother nature’s wrath, but what about your land? What good is surviving if you don’t have land to survive on? That’s why we’re looking natural disasters in the face today and showing you How To Prepare Your Land for Natural Disasters:

Moving to Arizona City in 2023

By LandCentral

Arizona City is quickly becoming the place to move to in 2023. From its warm, sunny climate to its diverse population, the list is endless as to why this southwestern city is trending. So let’s dive right into why people are Moving to Arizona City in 2023.

Investing 101: Real Estate vs. Stocks

By LandCentral

Investing is all the rage these days. Thanks to the current economic climate, many are searching for safe ways to grow their wealth and protect their future. We figured we jump into the conversation with a basic overview of the two most popular investing paths.

Wild Horse Reservoir: What You Need to Know

By LandCentral

Wild Horse Reservoir is coming to Aurora, Colorado! This is a project years in the making and promises to bring relief to seasonal drought through water conservation. Since LandCentral has many properties located near the proposed Wild Horse Reservoir site, lets take a look at what you need to know about this new and much needed development.