Tiny Homes in the News

By Angela Tipton

Tiny homes are all the buzz these days. It’s a growing trend and there is a lot of good information out there for those who want to consider it for themselves. Common themes in the news are that tiny homes …

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RV Living

By Candice Armstrong

Many folks come to us asking for vacant land where they can park their recreational vehicle (RV). They want to live on their land and an RV is an affordable way to be able to do that right away. Sounds …

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Is a Tiny House Right for You?

By LandCentral

According to The Tiny Life, a website dedicated to the Tiny House Movement, a majority of Americans spend one-third to one-half of their income on their homes; and because of that expense, 76 percent of them are living paycheck to …

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The Nation’s Top 5 Must-See RV Parks

By Megan Smith

Some of my fondest childhood memories occurred when that magic time of year rolled around. We stared at the clock on the last day of school, waited for the bell to ring its sweet sound — that sound of summer …

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Don’t Be An RV Outlaw

By Chris Briggs

Can I park my RV on a piece of vacant land that I own? The answer depends upon the county the land is located in and the zoning restrictions that the county has put into place. Many land investors are under the misconception …

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