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Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Land

By LandCentral

we’ve picked up a few tips we’d love to share. Some are the easier questions to ask us before you buy, but others are questions you need to consider yourself before you travel down the landowner road. So check out these Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Land:

25 Years of Success: What Our Customers Say

By LandCentral

25 Years in business is a long time to get it right. From easy one-stop shopping to owner financing and an online payment system, we’ve spent 25 years listening to customer demands and perfecting the land buying process. But don’t take it from us, hear it straight from the land owners themselves…

Top 4 Counties to Become a Land Owner

By LandCentral

We’re looking at our Top 4 Counties to Become a Land Owner as part of our 25th Anniversary celebration! While we hate to play favorites, we did manage to narrow down our most popular…

Our Most Popular States to Buy Cheap Land

By LandCentral

We’re looking back on our 25 years of selling land in the U.S. That means highlighting exactly what makes LandCentral so successful. From coast to coast, we offer land in nearly every state. There are 4 states that seem to fly off the shelf. Help us celebrate our 25th year by checking out Our Most Popular States to Buy Cheap Land:

Secrets to Our Success: Celebrating 25 Years!

By LandCentral

We can hardly believe it’s already been 25 years. But hey, time flies when you’re having fun. And boy, have we had fun. But like a fine wine, we’ve gotten better with age. From selling our first property out of a newspaper ad to becoming the online leader in land sales, we’ve changed a lot in our 25 years.So, let’s celebrate 25 years by sharing a few Secrets to Our Success:

25th Anniversary Celebration: Q&A with LandCentral

By LandCentral

LandCentral is celebrating our 25th Anniversary! What started with a nickel ad in The Oregonian has grown into a company known as the most trusted leader in online land sales.

Top 5 Reasons to Move to Cochise County

By LandCentral

Cochise County is quickly becoming the off-grid capital of America. With clear blue skies and plenty of space, homeowners looking to escape the hustle and bustle are flocking to the region. So let’s get to it.

10 Glorious Reasons To Move to San Bernardino County

By LandCentral

From palm trees to mountain peaks, San Bernardino County has it all. As the largest county in the country, this geographical hot spot is teeming with forests, deserts, and water landscapes. But epic scenery isn’t the only thing making this county one of the best places to live.

Deeds, Titles, and Transfers, Oh My!

By LandCentral

Deeds and Titles are a big deal when it comes to owning property. It’s kind of the documentation and process you need to make the whole thing official…