Nevada Land: 7 Large Acre Lots Calling You Home

By LandCentral

Nevada land is calling! Will you answer? Tucked away in the northeast corner of Nevada and surrounded by the majestic Ruby Mountains is the land you’ve been searching for. Elko County, Nevada is a charming county home to the quaint city of Elko, where culture, cowboys, and climate reign supreme. Find out why this hidden gem is finally getting its due with LandCentral’s Nevada Land: 7 Large Acre Lots Calling You Home:

Outdoor Recreation Can’t be Beat

This region is teeming with outdoor recreation from hiking and hunting to visiting the local hot springs or exploring the terrain on an ATV. Or maybe horseback riding is more your jam. Spend the day blazing trails and playing cowboy beneath the watchful eye of the Ruby Mountains. Or how about fishing? Trout has been known to practically leap into your boat. From camping to rock climbing, there really is something for every outdoor enthusiast in Elko County.

Ideal Weather Conditions

Nevada is known for its deserts. And when you think desert, you think hot, hot, hot. Elko County does get hot (in the summer months), enjoying warm, dry summers and falls, ideal for all that outdoor recreation you’ll want to enjoy. But then comes winter, where snow transforms the valley into a winter wonderland. You get the best of both worlds in this northern corner of Nevada.

Wide Open Spaces

It’s Nevada, so there’s no shortage of wide open spaces. But do you know what comes with all that space? The desert sunrise, a starry night, low populations of people. Freedom in all of its forms. And this rural desert paradise is home to 7 amazingly large acre lots teeming with possibilities.

Here are just a few of our favorites:

30 Acres of Off-Grid Paradise

This amazing 30 acre property is a wonderful place to build your dream life with more than enough space for gardens, crops, animals, shops, barns, and more. Elko is a beautiful city 20 miles away with great restaurants, gorgeous lakes, and outdoor recreation galore.

10 Acres of Land Outside Salt Lake City

This amazing property is the perfect place to live out your off-grid dreams. The town of Elko is an hour away, with Salt Lake City an easy 2 hours away. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

40 Acres of Beautiful Land

Less than two hours from Salt Lake City and on the outskirts of Murdock Mountain this amazing property is waiting for you. The perfect place to have a bit of everything from a self sufficient lifestyle to a small town community. Don’t let this pass you by.

Perfect 10 Acre Lot in Northern Nevada

Explore and take in all the beauty of the great outdoors. With 10 acres there’s more than enough space to create a self sustained lifestyle with big city access to airports, sporting events, and more. A gem of a find that won’t last long.

Gorgeous 40 Acre Corner Lot

This amazing property encompasses off-grid beauty with small town convenience. Sitting on 40 acres allows for more space than you could know what to do with. This is a perfect place to experience the best of so many worlds.

Large Property on Border of Nevada and Utah

The perfect opportunity awaits on nearly 10 acres of land! Experience the peaceful solitude of an off-grid lifestyle. There’s a small town less than an hour away for quick trips with Salt Lake City less than two hours from the lot. Don’t let this deal pass you by.

10 Acres of Gorgeous Rural Land

Enjoy peace and quiet on your very own 10 acres. Surrounded by mountain ranges, this truly is a wonderful place to live out your off-grid dreams. Seize this deal today!

Ready to own a big piece of the American Dream? Then let these 7 large lots in Elko County, Nevada call you home!

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