5 Reasons Why Bigfoot Makes the Best Neighbor

By LandCentral

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Let’s be honest. Neighbors make the place. Living in your dream house on your dream land makes no difference if you’re neighbors make you miserable. While we can’t pick our neighbors, if we could, we should all hope to live next to a family of Bigfoot’s. Or is it Bigfeet? Anyway, Bigfoot has been spotted all over the world and in every state in the U.S. except Hawaii. From their gorgeous locks to their stellar hide-and-seek skills, Bigfoot has a lot to offer. Keep reading to find out  5 Reasons Why Bigfoot Makes the Best Neighbor:

Reason 1: They aren’t nosy.

Nosy neighbors are the worst. Their spying ways have them reporting you for breaking even the smallest HOA rules. Well not Bigfoot. They like to keep to themselves. In fact, they may disappear for days or even weeks on end, giving you plenty of freedom from spying eyes. They never inquire about what you’re doing throughout the day, mostly because they don’t speak English, but also because they value their own privacy. With a Bigfoot neighbor, you’ll go days without having to speak to another living soul.

Reason 2: They’re Tall.

Yep. The Bigfoot family have more than big feet. They’re also incredibly tall. How tall, you ask? Anywhere between 7 – 10 ft. tall. Just tall enough to lend you a helping hand around the house. Need help hanging Christmas lights? How about getting the family cat out of a tree? Having a Bigfoot neighbor means never having to borrow a ladder again.

Reason 3: They wear their own animal repellant.

While you may not always appreciate the pungent aroma wafting from your hairy neighbor, there is one perk. It keeps other wild animals away. That’s right. Bigfoot comes with his own animal repellant in the form of a sharp, nose-biting stench. Thanks to this smell you won’t see another predator for miles. This is good news for your chicken coop, your young children and even your family dog. Though we can’t promise the same for insects, as they seem to be attracted to rotting odors. But we’re sure Bigfoot has a solution for that too.

Reason 4: No Annoying Selfies.

Bigfoot has been mostly resistant to the technology boom. Aside from a few photobombs in other people’s pics, Bigfoot stays out of the lime light. This means no annoying selfies of their trip to Cancun or what they had for breakfast. Having a shy neighbor equals more free time for you and less time spent pretending to compliment yet another selfie.

Reason 5: They’re Minimalists

Have you ever had a neighbor who seemed to have the beginnings of a junk yard on their property? It’s not the most appealing sight to live beside. Just one more reason why Bigfoot neighbors are the best. They’re minimalist lifestyle means the property next to yours blends in with the natural landscape. In fact, it is the natural landscape because Bigfoot avoids building houses, driving cars, or owning any sort of possessions at all. Bigfoot are Millennials on steroids when it comes to minimizing.

Ready to settle down next to a family of Bigfoots? Check out these land opportunities in the top 10 states where Bigfoot likes to hang:

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these states, then you may already have a Bigfoot neighbor. Lucky you!

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