Buying a Home on the Market Versus Building a Home

By LandCentral

Building a homeMany people wonder if it is better to buy an existing home, or if it is better to build your own home. This will strongly depend on many factors including time, money, needs, wants and patience.  Some people are not very picky and will accept a home that may have most, but not all, of what they dream of owning.

The biggest advantage to building your own home is that you can get exactly what you want. Too often, people will settle for less because what they truly want is not available on the market at that time. A new home also will be more efficient than an older home, due to new energy codes and improvements in heating and cooling systems. Newer homes also have up-to-date insulation, windows, doors and water-efficient appliances.

When building your home, you can plan for  the future. Contractors can help you to plan for upgrades even if you cannot buy them right away. The upfront cost of a new home may be slightly higher than purchasing an older one, but it may be easier to recoup your costs over time. Many home buyers find that once they move into an existing home, there are many hidden repairs needed that could add up in cost quickly. When building a home, everything is new and is often under warranty in case there is a defect or a problem. This alone will save you thousands of dollars.

A newly built home is less likely to have the health concerns that come with an older home. Older homes may have been built with toxic materials such as asbestos and lead paint. In certain areas of the country, mold is a large concern, and you may not know that mold is growing in the home until you or your family falls ill.

Money and features aside, building your own home will give you a sense of achievement that buying an existing home cannot. You will feel connected to your home because you have had a hand in its design and watched it being built.

Here at LandCentral, we are helping people achieve their dreams by offering the land you need to build your dream home. Our land is affordable and you can purchase it without all the red tape that banks usually have for a land purchase. Whether you want to live in town, the country, or completely off the grid, we have something for you. Check out our in-house financing options, or call us today to see how we can help you with the foundation to build your dream.

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