Buying Land For Agriculture?

By LandCentral

One major concern many folks have when they’re seeking to purchase their ideal acreage of land is agricultural opportunities. Many people ask, “How’s the soil?” “What grows well here?” “What is the average rainfall and will I have to irrigate my land?” These are all important and necessary questions to be asking when researching land-purchasing opportunities.

If you’re searching for land based on your hopes to start a farm, ranch, or garden, it is important to first narrow down a region of the country. Once you know roughly where your land will be, you can begin to figure out what your next steps, agriculturally, will be.

What should I plant? How much grass? Are there livestock laws? Should I drip-irrigate? What are the seasonal temperature averages?

These are all necessary questions to be asking. If you’re thinking about purchasing land in the Pacific Northwest, for example, consider planting apple and pear trees, for they are hearty and will survive rain and frost. Utah? Drip irrigation is your best bet for your annuals. San Francisco Bay Area? No livestock allowed in these urban spaces. If you’re thinking about raising cattle, think grass! Not only is it sustainable for the land and underlying roots systems, but it is the most healthy for the cows—not to mention chickens—themselves.  Want the best tasting eggs? Have your chickens roam on fresh grasses. Needing some space? Check out Wyoming, with relatively inexpensive land, and lots of it. With the smallest population in the country, you’re guaranteed to have lots of room to breathe.

LandCentral has hundreds of quality land purchasing opportunities available at the moment. Think through your decision and choose a quality location that suits your needs as well as your dreams for the future. Let LandCentral do the heavy lifting in terms of finding you an excellent location. Enjoy this process! Let your imagination run wild and guaranteed you’ll be satisfied with the results.

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