California Dreamin’

By Dave Knospe

Ever driven the I-5? It’s that stretch of interstate highway cutting through California and into the Pacific Northwest—winding along the southern coastline and through the central valley, up past the state capitol and into the Shasta National Forest. If one travels this road, they’ll view California for what it truly is: diverse, boundless, and beautiful. Looking out the window as the roughly 1,300 miles fly by, one can’t help but imagine what would life would be like to own some small acreage in this state. If you have traveled through central California, along its sandy and breathtaking coastline, or through its mountains and foothills, you get it: California land is something special. Therefore buying your own slice of California land might not be such a crazy idea after all.

The wildlands of Northern California are most certainly worth taking a closer look at. North of Redding lies Shasta National Forest and the jaw-dropping landscapes of the Santiam pass. Rainfall in this region is consistent in the winter and spring which invigorates the soil and brings about a hearty agricultural yield in summer. There is a healthy amount of nitrogen and calcium in the dirt here, so gardeners fear not! You and your crops are sure to be happy with the results.

These ideas are just grist for the mill. LandCentral is chock full of new and foreclosed acres of land for sale. If you’re curious about making some of this gorgeous California land your very own, browse around, talk to one of our live agents, do some in-depth research and narrow down what exactly you and your family are seeking when it comes to buying California land. Quality soil? Acreage? Views? Open space? Access to metropolitan centers? Have fun with this process. Then let LandCentral do the rest!

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