Camping Hacks

By Cam Clark

The term “ruffing it” comes in many flavors these days. From Bear Grylls style to “Glamping”, what ever your flavor, these camping hacks are just smart thinking.



  • Keep your food cool by freezing water bottles or gallon jugs of water and place them in your cooler.













  • Then you can point a head lamp into that same jug of water after it has melted for an instant lantern.





















  • Invest in a two-person sleeping bag for a cozier trip.











  • Use a belt and hooks to hang up pots and pans.




















  • Cook cinnamon rolls in orange rinds over over a campfire for a sweet orange treat.















  • Walking Tacos – mix classic taco ingredients into individual sized Doritos bags for camping friendly tacos.



















  • Hungry now but forgot the utensils? Turn a plastic bottle into a spoon.























  • After filling yourself up you may want to take a nap in the car. Use Mesh, duct tape, and magnets create a removable screen so you can keep your windows rolled down without dealing with insects.

















  • But if a few mosquitoes to make it to you, deodorant can be used to combat itchiness.















  • If you get lost, sometimes knowing where north is can make all the difference in the world. Try a needle compass.















  • If it comes down to dehydration or murky water, always choose the water. You can create an emergency water filter.




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