Camping in Southern Oregon/ Klamath County Area

By LandCentral

Southern Oregon offers some of the most spectacular camping and country in the United States. Whether you visit the Klamath County area, the Umpqua River near Roseburg, or the Rogue Valley to the west, there are activities for almost any nature lover to enjoy.

The availability of many state-run camping sites with different accommodation types means almost anyone can be comfortable. Gone are the days when a tent is your only option. Comfortable yurts, a cross between a tent and a cabin, and traditional cabins make accommodations pleasant. You can access many wonderful trails from these camping sites.

Klamath County is the home of Crater Lake, an absolutely beautiful area to hike in. You’ll want to visit one of the three wildlife refuge areas in the area. You also don’t want to miss a visit to Upper Klamath Lake, the largest lake in Oregon. Some of the best bird watching in the entire state can be found here. It’s very convenient to take a short trip south to California’s Lava Beds National Monument.

If you choose to camp in the Rogue National Forest, you’ll find yourself wandering along trails that lead to secret water holes at the bottom of cascading waterfalls. The mists surrounding you keep the air cool and pleasant in the summer months. You can also explore feeder creeks that flow into the Rogue River and wander through old growth forests.

Just one county east of Klamath, the Bureau of Land Management has set aside 4 square miles near Plush, Oregon for mineral enthusiasts. It is also home to a hot spring in the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge. It’s another great place to visit.

So if you’re looking for a wonderful place to go camping and enjoy the outdoors, Klamath County is a great place to start.

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