Deciphering Parcel Maps

By LandCentral

When you are on a treasure hunt and X marks the spot, it seems to easy to know where to go! When you are looking at typical parcel maps, it may not be quite as obvious. Parcel maps highlight the boundaries of a property and give an overview of the shape, dimensions, and proportions of a 2-dimensional piece of land you are looking at.

When you look at the topographical maps of an area, you will often see the lines representing roads accessing the property and some features like water, elevations of the land’s surface, but nothing more tangible than that. With LandCentral’s parcel maps, we have laid it out as clearly as we can, with pinpoints on each corner of the property and red lines connecting the dots and showing the property boundaries. The property, itself, is a satellite image, giving you a better idea of the look and feel of the property. With the red lines surrounding the boundaries, you get a much clearer idea of the exact shape and layout of your property. As you move forward with investing in raw property, this is great visual to help you then imagine the ways to develop the land. It’s as close as we can get to giving you a Treasure Map to your investment.

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