DIY: Home Water Purification System

By LandCentral


Ah, water. That glorious life-giving liquid. From bathing to drinking, we humans literally can’t live without it. Thankfully, we don’t have to. But while 90% of the U.S. water supply is safe to drink, did you know that most tap water contains chlorine, fluoride and trihalomethanes? We don’t know about you, but if we can’t pronounce it, we probably don’t want it in our water. And well dwellers aren’t immune to contaminants either. High levels of radon typically show up in tested wells. But have no fear. LandCentral is here to give you a simple 8 step solution to all your water purification needs. Check out our DIY: Home Water Purification System:

But first…

What is a water purification system?

A water purification system is exactly what it sounds like. It eliminates contaminants in your water that can make you sick.

Why do you need one?

Do you like bathing in bacteria? How about gulping down a refreshing glass of parasites? Or maybe lead is more up your alley. While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does their best to ensure our nation’s water is safe, they aren’t perfect. Sometimes the chemicals they add to fight one problem often lead to another. Consider a water purification system the last line of defense between contaminates and your body.

Do they protect against everything?

Pretty much. But water purification systems aren’t created equal. Some are better from protecting against microbes while others are better at fighting off hazardous pollutants like fluoride, pharmaceuticals and chloramines that often find their way into our drinking supply. Have your water tested before you decide which one to purchase or make one yourself.

Speaking of making one yourself, let’s get to it. Here is our DIY: Home Water Purification System:


  • 2 large food-grade buckets w/ lids
  • 1 spigot
  • 1 or more berkey purification elements (or other filter that has a filtration efficiency of at least .2 micron)
  • Drill
  • Marker


Step 1:  Drill a ½” hole in the bottom of your top bucket for each filter element (if you have more than one)

Step 2: Place the top bucket onto the lid of the bottom bucket and using the hole you just drilled, trace a circle onto the bottom-bucket lid with a marker.

Step 3: Using the circle mark as a guide, drill another ½” hole in the lid of the bottom bucket for each circle you have drawn.

Step 4: Install the filter elements in the hole you made in the top bucket.

Step 5: Drill a ¾” hole on the side and near the bottom of the bottom bucket.

Step 6: Install the spigot.

Step 7: Place the top bucket onto the lid of the bottom bucket ensuring that you align the filter element nipple with the hole of the lid from the bottom bucket.

Step 8: Fill the top bucket with water and in an hour you will have bacteria free water to drink in the bottom bucket.

So there you have it. An easy to follow 8 step process to clean, safe water. Whether you’re planning on living off the grid or just want to know you’re drinking safely, this method will cover it all. If you’re still thinking of shelling out the money for a store bought filter system, make sure it’s been certified to meet standards set by the EPA.

Oh, and one more thing. If you’re planning on solving this whole dirty water crisis by switching to bottled water… Don’t. Not only is it bad for the earth, but bottled waters aren’t subject to the same regulation as tap, so you’re actually getting more contaminates than the free stuff. So don’t pay to poison yourself. Follow LandCentral’s easy DIY water purification system for a safe, affordable way to water bliss.



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