Five Reasons to Live in South Carolina

The Palmetto State

By LandCentral


If you’ve ever been to South Carolina, you know all about its southern hospitality and sweet tea. But that is not all that South Carolina has to offer its visitors and nearly five million residents. Here are a few of the reasons why South Carolina is the place to live:


South Carolina has some of the most beautiful weather in the South. Blue skies and sunshine are common nearly year-round. The coastal areas have a tropical feel with the warm breezes and high temperatures, and its midlands and upstate also stay warm most months. It’s no wonder that Travel + Leisure voted one of its most popular cities, Charleston, as the number-one city in North America in 2015.


South Carolina was declared a state in 1788. Starting out as a largely agricultural economy, South Carolina was known for its plantations and slave trade. In 1861, the first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter, which sits just outside Charleston Harbor. South Carolina is also known for its multitude of historic golf courses, which can be traced back to 1786 when the South Carolina Golf Club was formed.

Smiling Faces and Beautiful Places

This was once the slogan on the South Carolina license plate. While the license plates have changed, the slogan still rings true. Maybe it’s the vitamin D that South Carolinians get on a daily basis, which make them so hospitable. Or maybe it’s just the way they were raised on southern principals. Either way, South Carolina is home to some of the nicest people in America. Even CNN named Charleston, South Carolina, as the nation’s friendliest city in 2014.


South Carolina always has been known for its hospitality. Dating back to its early days of trade, the pineapple has been considered a sign of hospitality. The tradition of leaving a pineapple in front of your home was to show that all are welcomed there. Living in South Carolina, you will see the pineapple shape adorning fountains, gates, bedposts, welcome mats and business logos.  A lot of South Carolina’s economy is based on the hospitality industry with its boutique hotels, amazing restaurants and tourism. It’s no surprise that the hospitality industry is booming and South Carolina is getting recognized for leading the way.


Another perk of living in the Palmetto State is how affordable it is. The cost of living in South Carolina is nearly 13 percent lower than the national average. Everything from gas prices to real estate prices is more affordable, making daily life feel a bit less stressful. Those looking for real estate can get a little more bang for their buck by finding a property a little outside of town. Take the opportunity to travel to one of the many nearby destinations such as Charlotte, North Carolina, or Atlanta and Savannah in Georgia. Any way you look at it, a low cost of living is a win.

No matter what the reason behind your move to South Carolina is, rest assured that you would find solace in the beautiful weather, the rich history, the wonderful people, the hospitality and the low cost of living.

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