Florida State of Mind

By LandCentral

Attention sand-lovers, wave-riders, and beach-combers: LandCentral has got a gorgeous new crop of inexpensive Florida land for sale. With winter on the horizon, it may be time to start imagining a life absent of shoveling the driveway.  Who wouldn’t be interesting in setting up shop beneath the swaying palms and gentle sunshine? So, looking for a stretch of beach or plot of land to kick back on? Love constant summers, easy living, like-minded community, and access to luxurious amenities? If yes, than Florida may be right for you.

The warm seas of the Gulf to the west and the exciting and temperate coastline of the Atlantic to the east, Florida is quite a lovely and culturally diverse state. It is, in many ways, characterized by the locals as “the deep south” inland, but on the southern coast, it’s a melting pot of Cuban, Haitian, and Dominican cultures. Recently, land prices here have been slashed, often in half. There is no better time to consider investing in this American paradise.

It is no secret that many retirees consider the shores and lakes of Florida to be the best places to put their feet up. Golf is a state-wide pastime, as are swimming, boating, and flying model airplanes. These leisure activities reflect the laid-back nature of the state.

Looking forward to spending you days relaxing on the beach? Putting on the green? Exploring the Everglades and dancing to the rhythms of Miami? Consider the sands of Florida. Water is never in short supply and the soil, while relatively silty, is fertile. Agriculturally, you’ll never have to worry about sudden fluctuations in climate. The near-constant sun ensures beautiful and stable crops. The state is a vacationer’s paradise, and you could soon call it home.

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