How To Install A Pool On Your Land

By Candice Armstrong

Pools are a great way to cool off when the weather is hot, get great exercise and have fun! In addition to these benefits, having a pool adds a lot of value to your property. There are a variety of options when it comes to pools, so it’s important to do your research and decide which the best investment for you is.

There are two main types of pools: above ground and in-ground.

How To Install A Pool Yourself: Above Ground

Install an above ground poolAbove ground pools are much less expensive than in-ground pools, which make them a popular option. The average cost for an above ground pool is about $6,200.00. You can purchase the pool and have it installed by a professional pool company, or you can do it yourself. Before starting, check with the city building department and find out if a permit will be required. Sometimes the need for a permit depends upon the size of the pool being installed.

Steps to install a pool yourself:

  1. Find a flat area on your property that is free of large stones and rocks and that is close to a protected outdoor electric outlet. It is advisable to install the pool in a sunny area away from trees to keep leaf and twig debris from falling into the pool.
  2. Level an area larger than the size of the pool. For example, if you are installing a 12 foot pool, level an area about 15 feet in diameter using a straight 2×4 board and a four foot carpenter’s level.
  3. Grade the area using a sharp metal shovel to remove the grass, and then smooth the top soil. Spread an even layer of builder’s sand across the stripped area and use your 2×4 to level it. You should pack the sand by using water or a plate compactor.
  4. Set up the side walls and liner per the manufacturer’s instructions. Install the top rails per manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Fill the pool with a few inches of water and check for low or high spots where the water depth is unequal. If the depth seems equal, continue filling pool with water.
  6. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install hoses for your filter system.
  7. Assemble and install the pool ladder, making sure the ladder is securely attached to pool.

How To Install A Pool: In-Ground

In-ground pools are the second common type of pool. There are too many factors to get an accurate “average price” for an in-ground pool, but the range is about $25,000-$100,000. Most below, or in-, ground pools will require a permit from the city; contact them for an application. You can install an in-ground pool on you own, but it is not a project to tackle unless you have some prior knowledge and skills.

Learn To Install an In-Ground PoolWhen deciding on the size and shape of the pool, you will need to consider the size of your property. Take into account that the city will have “set-back” requirements, which will eat up some of the space left for the pool. You will also need to consider the size of the top edge of the pool and if you want a deck or fence built around it.

The fun part is picking out what kind of pool you want and the features of the pool. Visual appeal is important. Two key factors are the pool lighting and the type/pattern of tile used. There are also a multitude of water feature options, such as calming waterfalls or moving water arcs for a special effect. Some fun extras would be to have a slide or a diving board installed, as well.

Finally, there is the maintenance aspect of your pool. To maintain an in-ground pool, you can expect to spend at least $500-$1000 a year. Hiring an outside company to do the work for you is probably your best option. A professional company will ensure your investment is cared for properly.

Once your pool is in place, DO expect all of your neighbors, friends and family to “invite” themselves over to enjoy it with you! Enjoy and be safe!

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