Do You Need a Land Inspection?

By LandCentral

Should I visit the property before buying? Only you can make that decision. Physically inspecting a piece of property is not a hard process; however, it can be time consuming. Therefore, because of our strong guarantees, our buyers are comfortable making a buying decision without inspecting the property first. In addition, we have already viewed the property, inspected the land, and have already taken photos of the actual property. Remember, all of the photos on our site are actual photos of the land you are buying, not just a photo of the general area.

If you should decide to visit the property before buying, let us offer you a few suggestions:

• NEVER INSPECT THE LAND ALONE! Inspecting land alone can be fun and exciting, however, take someone along to share in the adventure. A cell phone is necessary, just in case you get lost.

• WEAR THE RIGHT CLOTHES! Always wear long sleeve clothing for protection against any plants or tall grass with thorns or thistles.

• GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME. It usually takes about one hour to inspect an acre of land and larger parcels can take a full day or more.

• LOOK AT THE FOLIAGE. You can tell almost everything about your land from the plants and trees that grow (or don’t grow!) on the property. Learn the most common plants and trees in the area and look for them when you do your inspections.


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