Land Rush Continues To Show Promise

By Dave Knospe

Real estate purchases continue to be sound investments as the “Land Rush” goes global, especially among parcels of farm land, tracts with timber, and other renewable resources.

John Mauldin, a well-known global investment adviser with Millennium Wave Advisers in Arlington, Texas, recently told The Globe and Mail that he has long advocated for investing in land. While the Houston Chronicle has reported that land prices continue to rise in Texas, citing help from commodity prices and the oil and gas industry.

This trend is also happening in the Sunshine State. Florida is considered a low risk/high return investment by the most seasoned property consultants. The market downturn of a few years ago now allows many to afford properties in the vacation mecca.

Other areas, especially in the western US, are full of potential pay-dirt for those seeking to make investments in land. Oregon, for one, is fast becoming a leading state for land investing. Affordable prices for ranches, timberland, and farming real estate along with recreational properties makes the area prime for maximizing the potential rate of return on land purchases.

Oregon offers beauty and value. The state is a draw to many types of investors including farmers looking for an abundance of water and grazing area, along with recreational buyers looking for the privacy and security that comes with close proximity to small towns.

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