Nine Don’t-Miss Things in Florida

By Josh Speiss

Are planning to visit or move to Florida? Maybe you bought a new piece of property and you’re wondering what to do first. The amount of fun and adventure is endless in the Sunshine State, but here is a list of some of the things you absolutely, positively shouldn’t miss:

  1. Sponges_in_Caribbean_Sea,_Cayman_IslandsSpongeoramas Sponge Factory:

Located in Tarpon Springs, this sponge factory has the world’s largest selection and collection of natural sea sponges. Bounce around its colorful collection, and maybe find a new piece of sea sponge jewelry to show off to your friends.

  1. Hamburger Museum:

This meaty museum in Daytona Beach offers 1000 pieces of hamburger memorabilia. You might even get a glimpse at the car used for the movie Good Burger, a sight not to be missed.

  1. Wreck Bar Mermaid Show:

There is a deep sea wreck bar in Fort Lauderdale where you can enjoy dinner and a mermaid show. That’s right: an underwater mermaid show with live models to entrance you while enjoying a bite.

  1. Monkey-Jungle-Attraction-MiamiMonkey Jungle:

Just outside of Miami, there is a head scratching novelty: Monkey Jungle where the humans are caged and the monkey’s run free. This is definitely a stop for those with children. You know you want to immerse yourself in a monkey sanctuary, what are you waiting for?

  1. Dinosaur World

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have dinosaurs walk with you on the earth today? Dinosaur world can give you that very experience or at least a close second. Get up close and personal with more than 150 dinosaur statues of all shapes and sizes. There is bound to be one that catches your fancy.

  1. The Presidents Hall of Fame:

The little city of Clermont has a don’t-miss attraction for hardcore and casual history buffs. The Presidents Hall of Fame has everything you need to know about our nation’s former presidents. In various displays, figures and exhibits, you can experience fun and revealing details about a wide variety of administrations throughout our history.

  1. Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park:

This state park is known for its giant sinkhole. That’s right: a yawning, 120-foot deep sinkhole that is completely accessible via a stairway from the top to the bottom. No one knows why the sinkhole happened, but you are more than welcome to come and see it for yourself.

  1. Gatorland_entrance_-Florida-23Feb2006Gatorland:

In the great city of Orlando, there are plenty of attractions to grab your attention, including Disney World and Universal Studios. But just off the beaten path there is a little known place called Gatorland, a 110-acre wildlife preserve for alligators and crocodiles. Florida is known as the alligator capital of the world, and Gatorland offers plenty of gators in all their glory. There are special nighttime viewings and even a white gator.

  1. Billy Bowlegs Festival:

The first weekend of June, the city of Fort Walton Beach is taken over by pirates. The little scallywags will scatter with glee as pirates swarm the beaches and town. The festival is a wholesome, family event. From the parade downtown, to the water festivities on Crab Island, you are bound to find something to do.

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