Pacific Northwest Gardens

By LandCentral

There’s something very relaxing about gardens.The Pacific Northwest has some of the most beautiful gardens anywhere in the world.This can be attributed to the fact that there is plenty of rainfall to water the gardens, and such a diversity of climates.You have one climate on the western side of the Cascades, and another climate on the eastern side.

If you enjoy history, the Fort Vancouver Heritage Garden gives you the opportunity to experience a typical garden planted by the Hudson’s Bay Company, who established Fort Vancouver as the headquarters of the fur trade. The fort is also an experience to see. The stockade is actually unique for western forts.

The Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens in Woodland, WA displays the beautiful lilac hybrids developed by Hulda Klager between 1905 and 1960.This garden is viewable from mid April through mid May.If you are a lilac lover, this is a must see garden.

As you travel north, you will want to visit one of the region’s oldest parks, Wright Park in Tacoma, WA.The Seymour Conservatory, which is on the grounds, is one of only three Victorian-style glasshouses on the West Coast and is a National Historic Landmark.Make sure you see the oldest plant in the greenhouse, a Queen Sago palm, which actually isn’t a palm but a cycad.The seed was planted in 1895.It has taken over 100 years to reach its almost 15-foot height.

You’ll also want to see Seattle’s Olmsted Parks.The Olmsted brothers submitted the grand plan for these naturalistic parks in 1903.There are 23 miles of scenic drives along Lake Washinton linking a series of parks that preserve saltwater beaches, viewpoints overlooking Puget Sound and tracks of old growth forest.You can also experience stunning views of Mount Rainier.

It is well worthwhile taking a drive up I-90 toward Wenatchee, WA.Ohme Gardens demonstrates what someone with creative vision can do with a rocky bluff.Herman Ohme turned nine acres of land most people would have considered unusable into one of the finest alpine gardens in the United States.It’s a definite must see.

Take the time to really enjoy the Pacific Northwest.Visit one of these beautiful gardens.

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