Positive Growth For Colorado Land Investors

By Dave Knospe


Everyone seeking to invest in land contemplates the future value of their potential real estate purchase. According to recent reports, most market sectors are seeing substantial gains in Colorado.

This growth is spurring investors to rebalance their portfolios toward hard assests, like land investing, and away from equity markets. Recent metrics released by United Country Real Estate, a real estate marketing agency, confirms the upward trend with the top indicator being a 58% spike in sales volume for the Rocky Mountain Region from last year. They also point to a decrease in their list-to-sale ratio from 8.8 to 5.9 and a 29% increase in average sale prices to show that properties are moving approximately 33% faster this year.

The time is now to invest in land at affordable prices to reap the future benefits from the improving market. The Colorado market specifically features top prices and fast sales of grassland due to buyers from drought affected areas. That, combined with strong activity based on this renewed appreciation for land investing, has Colorado properties flipping very quickly.

Colorado is a recreational paradise and is constantly recognized as one of the best places to live in America. Another upward trend is in hunting and fishing properties that border US Bureau of Land Management tracts.

With such a competitive market, opportunities are available for all types of land investments, especially in the Rocky Mountain Region.

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