Seize the Day!

By LandCentral

Yes, we know it’s a bazillion degrees out, and the last thing you want to do is, well, move. But as the market begins to slow at this time of year, supply goes up and up, with huge sales and incredible savings to be had. Now is the time, land-hunters! LandCentral has hundreds of inexpensive, foreclosed, and worthy properties for sale all being sold by, get this, real people with your best interests in mind. We know—we know it’s hard to believe. But we’ve been in this business for many years and if you can spare 5 minutes to peruse some of our client testimonials, we think you’ll agree—we’re here to provide you with the best possible land-purchasing experience.

So…you may be asking yourself,

“When is the best time to make my move? What kind of land am I interested in? Am I financially ready?”

These are all important questions to be asking before you make your purchase. One must be careful not to rush into this decision. Whether your buying some additional land to build a second home, or starting from scratch, when you purchase land you become its steward and must understand all the responsibilities therein. This is an exciting opportunity to create a space of your own. You have the option of being close to a city center or metropolitan area with access to any and all amenities needed. Or, you could select a plot of land that is isolated, over 50 miles from the nearest urban center. Whatever your preference, taking stock and making sure you’ve made the right decision for you and loved ones is key.

Like mild and consistently pleasant weather? Try Florida! But be careful when building on a sand bar….

Enjoy golf, access to beaches, and diverse cuisine? The Southern California may be right for you. But beware the steep property tax…

How about some tasty country music and the best barbeque this side of, well, anywhere? Tennessee could be in your future. But keep your eyes peeled—you may be on the edge of tornado ally!

What do you enjoy most? Are you seeking privacy, or urban living? Love rain, or prefer the high and dry? How about access to water or snow sports? Have fun when answering these questions. Make up some new ones and you may be pleasantly surprised when your search begins to feel more manageable. Oh, and don’t sweat the risks. Everywhere you go will have inherent risks. Chat with the locals about your concerns—they’ll surely talk you down, and with good humor.

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