The 6 Most Overlooked Ideas for Vacant Land

A Short Guide to Utilizing Your Property

By Josh Speiss

Imagine inheriting a marvelous piece of vacant land, or suppose that you finally took the plunge and bought yourself a new chunk of property. Either way, the next question is what to do with it. Many might respond that they would build on their dream property, settle down and keep it as a long-term investment. The truth is, that there are endless possibilities.

Although building on land or holding onto it as an investment are two great options, there are several other inventive alternatives for vacant land. Let’s look at the six most overlooked ideas for vacant land.

Six wonderful alternative ideas for vacant land

Tree Farm


If you have a nice, empty piece of vacant land, why not fill it with locally grown trees? Not only do you provide Mother Nature with some new plants, you also stand make a little profit off your vacant land by selling timber, such as Christmas trees.



Everyone has a little something that they need to tuck away for later, and with the empty space of your vacant land, why not use it to store of some extra stuff you have laying around the house/apartment? A small shed is easy to assemble and can store all of the recreational gear that you only use once a year.



Most locations (outside of city of limits) will allow short-term camping on your vacant land. Get out and explore your inner beast, and be one with nature camping on your vacant land.

Wind Farm


If you own a few hundred acres of vacant land with a heavy, steady amount of wind, you may wish to install some wind turbines. Or, you can sell it to the big companies and make some big-time money. However, many companies will allow you to rent your vacant land to them.

Rent/Lease Property


Leasing out your vacant land is a great way to take care of the taxes owed each year, and perhaps to turn a small profit. A lot of large-acreage, vacant landowners enjoy allowing hunters and recreation enthusiasts to use their land, or they even let farmers rent their vacant land while not in use.



There are a lot of people who wish to live off the land, and what better use for your vacant land than to hunt on it. Hunting promotes a stable population of many wildlife species in areas across the nation. Make sure to check with your local rules and regulations to make sure that your vacant land location is suitable and legal to hunt on.

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