The Rise of Highlands County

By Dave Knospe

In the Heartland of Florida, Highlands County continues to grow and boom with opportunity. It includes the lush, rolling hills of the Lake Wales Ridge and is in the center of the natural beauty of the Florida peninsula.

As many realize the positive aspects in potentially owning part of one of the nation’s favorite vacation destinations, the population of the county has recently increased by 17%. Similarly, job growth is estimated to be 25% over the next decade after having already grown 13.4% since 2000.

One of the best draws for potential residents to the area is the lower cost-of-living index. Highlands County is 8.3% below the national average. Yet, location could be the biggest plus for potential investors. The area enjoys the advantages of a smaller community while living within only 150 miles of 85% of the state’s residents and most popular attractions. These facts, along with the lack of a state income tax in Florida, have many interested in purchasing land in the region.

The largest towns in the county are Avon Park, Lake Placid, and Sebring. Avon Park boasts a cost-of-living index that is 13.7% lower than the national average. Lake Placid, known as “The Caladium Capital of the World”, has potential agricultural opportunities as it produces over 98% of the world’s caladium bulbs. Sebring, known as “The City on the Circle”, is the hub of the metro area for cultural and economic activities.

Highlands County is a great place to work, live and play. Check out our newly listed properties in the area!

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