The Story of The Golden Egg

By Dave Knospe

It took less than two minutes for the Golden Egg to be found on Easter Sunday!  Jason Ault, from Portland, Oregon, was the lucky winner of a property in Kingston, Nevada.

As he found the Golden Egg, he tells us he began to shake from excitement as he was trying to enter his information in fast enough to win the property.  Once completed, he received confirmation that his transaction had been approved. He called his wife exclaiming, “I think I won it babe!” and then got a call from a number he did not recognize. It was Dave from LandCentral – congratulating him on winning the land.

“I was still shaking when I was on the phone with him, just so excited that I had won! I couldn’t thank Dave enough! I was jumping around! It felt like I’d just won the lottery and to this young little ole county boy, it is like winning the lottery!”

Jason had first learned of by an Internet search for “Cheap land in Oregon”, on a tip from his sister who had been looking for land in Washington.  LandCentral was one of the first sites in the search results and Jason started looking over the vast array of property offerings.

Before long, Jason was not only a fan of the site but a customer.  He and his wife became interested in a 10 acre parcel in Christmas Valley, Oregon.  Taking a couple of days to think on it, he then received an e-mail from LandCentral stating that the property was listed in a $30 down payment promotion.  The Aults were very excited and decided to purchase the property for their future home.  He said, “We were so excited to be actually buying a chunk of land that someday we can build our home on and have our horses and pets on!”

Jason and his wife Heather have three children along with several pets including two horses, five dogs, three cats, fish, a guinea pig and a snake.  They love the outdoors and enjoy camping, fishing, crabbing and horseback riding.  Their new land in Nevada will certainly help them continue these types of recreational activities.  With wide open spaces along the Reese River, the heart of Nevada is part of the Great Basin and is 200 miles from Reno, known as “The Biggest Little City in the World.”

Jason added, “I can’t thank LandCentral enough for this! Seems like we’ve had some bad luck lately, and this just totally made us so happy and very thankful!”

Join us in congratulating the Ault Family on their new vacation property!

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