Eco Friendly

The Wildlife Gourmet

By Courtney Hageman

Whether you’re an avid camper, preparing for the zombie apocalypse, or somewhere in-between, being able to spot edible plants is a great life skill to have (just ask Bear Grylls). Here is a brief guide to common edible plants that …

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Affordable and Environmentally Sound Cob Housing

By Candice Armstrong

It may surprise you to learn that you can build your own home for as little as a few thousand dollars: just by using your bare hands and feet! Cob housing is extremely affordable, earth friendly and has been around …

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LandCentral Lends A Hand At The Oregon Food Bank

By Cam Clark

The Oregon Food Bank (OFB) collects and distributes food through a network of four Oregon Food Bank branches and 17 independent regional food banks serving Oregon and Clark County, Washington. The Oregon Food Bank Network helps nearly 1 in 5 …

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Cool Shipping Container Homes

By LandCentral

Are you tired of old story architecture, which is so common in today’s home magazines? Is your dream home neither durable nor affordable? In today’s marketplace, the range of options open to perspective homebuyers is wide open. This includes compelling homes …

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Fun Facts About Wind Energy

By Josh Speiss

Join LandCentral as we explore the power of wind energy though some fun facts.

Tiny Homes: Not Just for Tiny People

By Courtney Hageman

The era of supersizing everything is coming to an end, especially when it comes to modern-day homes. In an effort to save money and reduce one’s carbon footprint, the interest in the Tiny House Movement is growing rapidly throughout the …

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Off the Grid: 5 Reasons it’s Better than I thought

By Matt Valzania

Moving off the grid is a big step in anyone’s life, and it’s one that comes with unexpected surprises. These include collecting enough water to keep one’s body hygienically acceptable, and scampering down to the local rural post office, since …

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Fire Prevention Through Yard Cleaning

By Chris Briggs

I’m a lucky man. I spend most of my day talking to people. In fact, I may have talked with you already. I talk with all types of people from all types of places, but they all have one thing …

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