Shipping Container Tiny Homes: a Builder’s Perspective

By Angela Tipton

Tiny homes are all the big buzz these days. Their low cost and compatibility with the minimalist lifestyle appeals to a great many folks. At LandCentral, we had an opportunity to chat with Len Marsh, the owner of findmytinyhouse.com located …

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Don’t Be An RV Outlaw

By Chris Briggs

Can I park my RV on a piece of vacant land that I own? The answer depends upon the county the land is located in and the zoning restrictions that the county has put into place. Many land investors are under the misconception …

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Living off the Grid – Rain Capture

By Matt Valzania

One of the most vital elements to sustaining life after breathable air is water. Our planet is approximately 70 percent covered in water, but it’s not always where you need it. Thankfully, clouds function like water delivery trucks. However, if …

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Researching Land for Sale, Before You Buy

By Courtney Hageman

Getting ready to buy property isn’t as simple and straightforward as buying groceries. For starters, it’s typically not purchased regularly. Because of this, there are many complexities and questions that arise. When you buy land, you’re investing your money, time …

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What Is An Easement And How Can It Affect Me?

By LandCentral

An easement is a legal agreement between the property owner and a non-owner to utilize the property in some fashion. Two examples would be a shared driveway easement or a utility easement. Your name is on the deed, but your …

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How To Change Zoning On Land

By Josh Speiss

Understanding how to change the zoning of your property first requires understanding what your current zoning is. This can be found by calling your county’s Planning and Building Department; this may also be known as the Zoning Department, or something …

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