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LandCentral Investor Series

By LandCentral


So you’re ready to invest. You’ve read through our Investor Series, educated yourself on the top 6 ways to make money on land, and even learned how to avoid the 5 ways investors fail. The only thing left to do is find property and begin your investing journey.

That’s where LandCentral comes in. You didn’t think we’d bring you all this way and not deliver the goods, did you?

Our brand new Investor Packs take the guess work out of investing. We’ve grouped properties together based on your investor level: Beginner, Intermediate, or Savvy. Why? Because we’re experts at this. And thanks to our Investor Packs, we’ll make you an expert too.


No experience? No problem. Properties in our Beginner Packs are hand selected based on their:

  • Low taxes
  • No HOA’s (home owner association), so your holding costs will be low
  • Low Maintenance (no property upkeep or annoying lawns to mow)
  • Flat terrain
  • Good access
  • No big surprises

They’re basically the mini-vans of the property world. Perfect to get you started.


You’ve played this game before. Now you’re itching to grow. Our Intermediate Packs are primed with properties to do just the trick. Intermediate properties are:

  • Found in the same area (some areas with extreme growth potential)
  • Closer to cities (which means faster growth)
  • Complete with paved roads
  • Lower risk for not getting a quick ROI (return on investment)

Some of them include higher taxes or HOA dues, but that only means they’ll have quicker resale opportunities. Exactly what you want to get you to the next level.


Ready to bring your skills to the table? Our Savvy Packs are large investment opportunities from some of the fastest growing states in the country. No hand holding required, these properties are:

  • Scattered throughout multiple counties and states
  • Located in new development areas and/or up-and-coming locations
  • Promise a high ROI in the future
  • Have HOA involvement
  • Right for Real Estate Market Timing

These bundles are for the big players who know how to buy, flip, maintain and sell like a boss. Sure, the investments are big, but so is the ROI.

Your financial freedom is calling. Invest Now!

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