10 Must-See New Mexico Discoveries

By Josh Speiss

Carlsbad CavernsCarlsbad Caverns

Explore your inner caveman by checking out the amazing formations in New Mexico’s famed caverns. Not only will their beauty amaze you, there are 119 known caves to check out at your own pace.

Billy the Kid’s Grave Stone(s)

Located in Fort Sumner you can see Billy the Kid’s tombstone. In addition, there is a museum devoted to the cultural history of Bill the Kid. Here you will learn why Billy the Kid was a pivotal part of Old West history.

Chaco Canyon

Located in northwestern New Mexico, just outside the town of Cuba, you have to go off the beaten path to find this beautiful canyon. Here you also can find the International Dark Sky Park and the Chaco Museum Collection. Take advantage of the guided tours, miles of bike trails, and other outdoor activities that the area has to offer.

Christ in the Desert

Ever wondered how beer brewed in a Monk sanctuary would taste, here’s your chance. This is the premier location where you can find, taste and experience Monk-made beer. They even offer brewery tours daily.


Very little is known about this mysterious site other than that it is and was a government agency location. This is the apparent location of an unknown UFO crash back in 1947, in a nearby ranch outside of Roswell. We may never know, as there has always been a big hush-hush on the entire event by the U.S. military.

Trinity Site

This is the site of the first atomic fission explosion, which took place on July 16, 1945. Tours have been conducted of the site, but they are sporadic. If you plan on taking a trip be sure to have a full tank of gas as it’s a good 160 mile round trip with not a single gas station in sight.

Tent RocksTent Rocks

These unusual rock formations were created from a pyroclastic flow millions of years ago. Many of the rocks appear to look like tents standing upright, hence the name Tent Rocks. This 4,645-acre landscape is located about 90 minutes northeast of Albuquerque.

Pie Town

Well a town named after a pie doesn’t really get much better right? Roll though this town in September and be sure to stop by the Annual Pie Festival. Filled with pie baking games, eating contests, and the proclaimed Horned Toad races.

Chile Capital of the World

Hatch is known as the Chile Capital of the World. Everywhere you look and everyplace you smell, there are chilies roasting. If you like it hot, come to the annual Hatch Chile Festival in late August.

Fiestas de Santa Fe

Cleanse yourself of gloom at this colorful celebration. During the second week of September, an Old Man Gloom effigy is built and then burned at this festival, known as Zozobra. The celebration is all about removing the gloom from your life and moving forward.


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