Dreams of Owning Hunting Land

By Josh Speiss

Owning Hunting Land Means Less Politics, More Hunting.


As an avid hunter I have always dreamed of owning hunting land of my own. There are no obstacles. No lotteries. No draws with only the prospect, but no guarantee, of a great location to hunt. Not to mention the hundreds or even thousands of lost dollars spent on leasing properties that may or may not yield a good hunt. Why not start laying the groundwork for your very own hunting domain? It’s an investment that has years of endless bounties and priceless hunting memories.

One of the many benefits of owning your own hunting paradise is that you will now be a leading contributor towards wildlife management and enrichment for future generations. This will bring years and years of bountiful trophy hunts and many seasons of amazing hunting adventures.

Owning Hunting Land For More Than Just Hunting

Hunting-CabinHunting acreage doesn’t have to be used exclusively for hunting. Why not make your newly acquired property your new homestead? Waking up at dawn for an early morning hunt would be made a lot easier by rolling out of your warm, cozy bed and walking to your hunting blind. No drive time means more hunting and scouting time. Living on this property would mean you don’t have to pack gear in and out for miles to your truck. Most hunting locations take you off the grid; this is a perfect situation to create a self-sufficient life style and enrich the ecosystem around you.

One more thing to think about in the notion of owning hunting land is what type of hunting you are looking to do. The variety of different types of land and locations vary drastically from one region to another. Do you want to hunt for deer? The upper Midwest states like Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana may prove to be prime locations for deer. Maybe turkey hunting is more your style? States like Missouri, Alabama, and Mississippi have been proven to offer exceptional turkey hunting settings with an ample abundance of different turkey species. The choices you have are endless and ultimately up to you. Check out LandCentral’s new search options and narrow down your search to specifically look for hunting locations we have ready and available now.


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