10 Amazing Things That Are Uniquely Californian

By Josh Speiss

You’ve got your eyes set on checking out the great state of California. Maybe you are considering making the state your permanent home or you are there for just a quick visit. Regardless of the reason you are going to be in California, check out these 10 unique things you’ll find only in California.

1.In-N-Out Burger: Do you want a tasty treat for cheap? Then In-N-Out is the place to go. The very first restaurant open in 1948 in Southern California. Though technically now open in other states, check out the place of origin. Always made to order and with fresh ingredients, you can’t go wrong with this stop.

salton_sea_4002.The Salton Sea: This lake was an engineering mistake created in the 1900s through a failed experiment to bring the Colorado River into California. A large lake was created because of the lowlands below sea level, and a tourist town was formed. However, the town was abandoned after the lake turned extremely toxic and salty to the wildlife and surrounding area, washing millions of fish ashore. All that’s left is a post-apocalyptic scene of a civilization from years ago and a grim reminder of a lost city.

3.Salvation Mountain: This is a small man made mountain covered in biblical scripture. Leonard Knight spent the better half of 30 years of his life creating this magnificent master piece and has one goal of spreading the word of God. This is not the first mountain; after poor construction the first one failed and collapsed. The second structure was far better created and still stands today. Thousands of gallons of paint cover this not to be missed monument and is a sight of the serenity one man created alone.

4.Forest of Bottle Trees: Located just off Route 66 in the town of Oro Grande, just outside of Barstow, this little road stop is bound to amaze you. There are 200 hundred trees of various heights and composed of thousands of glass bottles. Created by Elmer Long, an artist with a passion for art and welding, the trees are a spectacle that defies beauty altogether.

5.Giant Clams of Pismo: Pismo is a famous clamming city in Southern California. Sculptures of clams fill the town, reaching heights of over 6 feet. If you visit during the holidays and you may see them dressed as pumpkins or reindeer.

Bubblegum_alley_4006.Bubblegum Alley: Located in San Luis Obispo, there is an alley where local folks began depositing chewed bubblegum in the 1950’s . Ever since then millions of pieces have been added by people from all around the world. In places the wall is up to 6 inches thick and reaches up to 10 feet in height. What are you waiting for? Go and add your piece today.

7.Wave Organ: Near the bay in San Francisco, along Marina Boulevard, you’ll find a very unique environmental musical instrument. Each crashing wave generates a beautiful tone. Check out the sounds of the world from this 25-pipe organ at high tide and you will be enlightened by the harmony.

8.Glass Beach: Within MacKerricher State Park just outside of Fort Bragg, you will find an amazingly colorful beach full of glass rocks. This site was a former dumping ground for city trash, but has since been cleaned up. The relentless waves of the ocean have smoothed these pieces into small pebble like rocks. Collection of the glass is forbidden, although throughout the years millions of pieces have been taken.

9.Bridge to Nowhere: Located in the Canyons of Azusa within the San Gabriel Mountains you will find a 6 mile hike containing a mysterious bridge. There were never any roads able to be built near the bridge, because of Mother Nature and money issues. The bridge was left and still stands alone today. Daring hikers can traverse if they wish to walk across the Bridge to Nowhere. Are you among the brave to explore?

Redwood_National_Park_fog_in_the_forest_40010.Redwood Forest: The Redwood Forest is a spectacle not to be skipped while visiting California. The trees are so wide on can drive a car through the middle of some, and these Sequoias are as high as you could imagine. The old forest is awe-inspiring, a picture of what the earth must have been like before the clear cutting era.

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