Buying Land in California

By LandCentral

California-landscapeFirst, you aren’t alone; California is one of the most sought after states in which to buy land. With its wide range of activities and lifestyles it’s easy to see why 38 million people have chosen to live in the Golden State. California offers so many options that you might find that the biggest difficulty of buying land in California is deciding what and where you want to buy. However, as you prepare to buy your land, keep in mind what the successful investor Peter Lynch says: “Know what you own, and know why you own it.”

Questions To Consider Before Buying Land In California:

What do you plan on doing with the property? What is the ideal end result? Buying land in California for farming requires different considerations than buying land on which to build. Seek professional advice and consider all of your options. What will be required and what will it cost? Know your budget and stick to your plan.


Where do you want to buy your California land?

With the help of your business partner or family, create a list of the different characteristics you desire in your land and prioritize them. Is the Topography suitable for a building site? Are utilities a necessity? Do you want to be near a hospital or a freeway? Do the local schools fit your needs? Are you looking for a city lot or acreage in the country? Do you want to be on the water or have a scenic view? What type of climate are you looking for? Is the property in a flood zone?

California-SurveyWhat are the zoning and land use regulations?

Verify with the city or county that the property fits your needs. Don’t be intimidated by all of the departments within the county government. Make sure to ask the right questions to the proper departments. Here are a few topics to go over. Can you build on the property? What permits are required? Does the county or city have any moratoriums restricting wells or new construction? Are there any environmental restrictions? What are the setbacks to build a home? Is the property in a home owners association? Does the property have mineral rights? Are perk tests required for a septic system?

Does the California land have legal access and easements?

A title company might be needed to verify the property has legal access. Does the property have a shared well or shared driveway? Who is responsible for the maintenance of the driveway? Has the property been surveyed? Does the property have utility easements? Remember that an easement can be enforced at any time. There are many things to consider when buying land in California. Answering these questions is a good start to help you satisfy your California dream. No matter your preference, with over 163,000 square miles of warm beaches or secluded mountains California has it all.


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