The Six Most Overlooked Ideas For Vacant Land

By LandCentral

When asked if they have plans for their newly purchased vacant land, many people respond with one of two answers: “I want to build a house on my land” or “I’m holding onto my land as an investment.”

Home building and investment are two excellent ideas for vacant land. However, these two options are only two of many possibilities for a new landowner. Here are some great ways you can use your new land while waiting to build that house or for the value of your land to triple.

Here are six great ideas for vacant land:

Community Garden

Consider getting together with friends and neighbors and using your plot of land to form a community garden. This can be a great way to connect with your current, or future, community. If you grow more than you can use, donate the proceeds to the local food bank.


Some pieces of land aren’t suitable for building a home, or maybe you just don’t have the money yet. Look into erecting a storage building on your property instead. A shed is cheaper, faster and easier to get permits for than a house, and it has plenty of uses.


Public hunting lands are getting more and more crowded; having your own acreage for hunting might be very appealing. Fence-off the land and post “No Hunting” signs to create your own private game preserve. You can set up permanent blinds, and encourage animal habitats to entice game to your area.


Many kinds of vacant land allow short term camping. Get back to nature and pitch a tent on your own piece of land.


Enjoy nature from your own piece of land. Drive out on a sunny day and set up an easel or tripod to capture the land and wildlife in your area. Bring lawn chairs on a clear night and watch the stars away from the city lights. Haul 4-wheelers to the property, and have some fun with your family. Most vacant land in rural areas has almost endless recreational possibilities.

Rent or Lease the property

While you are waiting to use your vacant land, put it to work for you. Maybe a neighboring farmer would like to lease the land. Alternative energy companies look for land to lease for wind turbines or solar panels.

Other Ideas For Vacant Land

Have a wacky idea of something you’ve always wanted to do? Back-to-nature commune? Shooting range? Free-range puppy habitat? There’s probably a piece of vacant land out there that’s right for you. Go for it!


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