Cell Service On Vacant Land

By Josh Speiss

Vacant land can be a cheap investment, but how is cell service on vacant land? In this day and age we are connected to our phones as if they were a part of our own bodies. When thinking about which locations to buy properties one may wonder what the cell phone service will be like. More often than not, less-developed areas will have worse cellular service. Hope is not lost though; there is some technology that may be able to help you ease the off-the-grid lifestyle you may be seeking.

First you have to know if your general location has good cell service to start with. Chances are if you’re within 50 miles of any major city there will be decent service. If the property is close to a major highway or Interstate you should be good as well. Major phone carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon) will virtually guarantee coverage along major infrastructure and roadways. Cell service on vacant land, however, can be affected by the obstacles the cell signal will encounter on the way to your phone. Obstacles can include mountains, large hills, large buildings, and even your very own home roof.

A cell phone booster will combat this problem, though. These are used to enhance a weak signal. They are like miniature cell towers (much smaller than you would think) that amplify the cellular signal just for you. They are going to be extremely effective when trying to a get a signal in the middle of nowhere. On average, cell phone boosters run from $150.00 to $1,500.00, for smaller, vehicle boosters and more robust, home systems, respectively.

Being completely disconnected is not necessary even if you want to live in areas away from the bustle of the large city; you just have to work a little harder at it. LandCentral has a great selection of properties that are near and far from cities. Find your serene location now with our unique search feature. With LandCentral’s search you can refine your exploration by proximity to major cites to embark on your off-the-grid lifestyle. For example, if you are looking for land for sale in Oregon that’s not near a major city, use our search to browse properties in Beatty or Sprague River. It’s as simple as that!

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