What Can This Property Be Used For?

By Dave Knospe

Have you ever browsed LandCentral.com and wanted to know “What does LandCentral think this property is best suited for?” Well, if you’ve already started checking out the new features added to the available properties on LandCentral.com, you’ve probably noticed the grey squares next to each parcel. These are our new Property Use boxes that we have added for you to see what a property could be used for before looking any further. Here is what the different symbols mean:

If you’re looking for a property to camp on, then this is the symbol to keep your eye out for. Resembling a camping trailer, this icon will let you know that this property could be used as your next camping property. Property sizes and type of areas will vary, but if you want a camping property this property may be worth taking a look at.

Are you looking for a property to grow your own crops or raise your own farm animals on? If you see this symbol with any of our properties then this could be the property you’ve been searching for. These properties are usually larger and rurally located to begin your own farming property.

Whether you’re looking for a place to build your dream home on or build a little place for your long-awaited vacation retreat, this symbol could lead you towards your new property. These properties will range in size and location but are generally properties that the county has approved for a single-family home.

Most every hunter’s dream is to own their own hunting grounds! Find a property with this image and you could be well on your way to making that dream come true.  Hunting properties will usually be of larger acreage or near some of the more sought-after hunting grounds.

Some properties don’t have an immediate benefit, but could have some long-term investment potential. If this sounds like your kind of property, then be sure to take a look at the properties that have this symbol.

If you see this symbol with a property, this property could have potential to be turned in to your own personal outdoor playground. If you’re looking for a property with nearly endless possibilities for outdoor recreation then take a look at this property.

These properties are generally heavily wooded, and depending on the location of the property, can have various types of trees in which the property is wooded with. Are you looking for a property with plenty of tree cover? This symbol could lead you to your next tree-covered property.

Properties with this symbol are usually near a water source, if not already right next to a body of water. If you’re looking for a recreational opportunity to boat, fish, swim, or maybe even build a well for your new home, this may be the symbol to look for.

Of course you will need to check with the proper authorities before heading out on to your land with a rifle or with a dozen RVs, but as long as you are current on your monthly payment plan we will sign off on any permit you need! The information about this property is provided as a courtesy of LandCentral. Users of this information are responsible for determining the accuracy and appropriateness for use of the property. While we do our best at LandCentral to make sure information is accurate, all properties are sold “as-is” and potential buyers are encouraged to do their due diligence by researching this property independently before investing, as such information is subject to change.

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