5 Hidden Benefits to Purchasing Raw Land

By LandCentral

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Most people purchase land to get rich. Whether they build on it, sit on it, or sell it, raw land is known for being a sound investment. But raw land is so much more than that. With the right imagination and motivation, it can provide you with a bounty of unexpected winnings. You could even say raw land can change your life. Check out 5 Hidden Benefits to Purchasing Raw Land:

Benefit 1: Freedom

Raw land is the definition of freedom. If you’re looking for a place to clear your head, nothing offers this more than the wide open spaces of your vacant land. Whether the property is covered in lush forest evergreens or has a gentle stream running through it, you’ll find it’s the ideal location to collect your thoughts. Freedom also comes in the form of knowing when you’re ready to build, your land is there for you. That at the end of the day, freedom from the rat race is just a quick car ride away.

Benefit 2: Legacy

If you’ve ever dreamed of leaving something behind for those you care about most, then nothing is quite as valuable as leaving behind land. Want your property to stay in the family for generations to come? Or how about help your grown children finally be able to afford a place of their own? All of this is possible with the purchase of raw land. Because land only appreciates in value the longer you have it, your investment today could ensure your great-great grandchildren are taken care of. Now that’s what we call a legacy.

Benefit 3: Possibilities

This is where your imagination comes in. Maybe you’re not ready to build, but you know you don’t want to sell. How about renting out your land? Depending on the type of land and the zoning, you can lease out your land to anyone from conservationists to RV campers. We even know of a piece of vacant land that lends itself to UFO enthusiasts who park on the lot to look out for extraterrestrials. We’re not saying you have to be that open, but with raw land, if you can dream it, you can do it.

Benefit 4: Income

Yes, yes. We can’t talk about raw land without at least mentioning the possible income generated from it. While most properties turn a profit rather quickly depending on the market, some can actually earn money while just sitting there. Either from leasing it out (as mentioned above) or by turning it into a working farm. Whether you choose to plant your own orchards or lease the space to an existing farm, your land can be generating income with minimal effort. Now that’s our kind of deal.

Benefit 5: Vacation Home

Maybe you aren’t planning to ever living on your property, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit. If you’ve purchased a gorgeous lot in the mountains or near a shoreline, building a vacation home might be the way to go. This benefit actually incorporates all of the benefits into one. With a vacation home you’ll have freedom to escape everyday life, a legacy to leave to your children, endless possibilities to the type of home you build, and income if you decide to rent it out. Now that’s a benefit that keeps on giving the whole year.

So there they are: 5 Hidden Benefits to Purchasing Raw Land. If you’re ready to start searching for that perfect piece of raw land, we’ve got you covered. We’re in the business of selling land after all.

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