Buying Agricultural Land

What to Keep in Mind Before Your Purchase

By LandCentral


Are you thinking about buying agricultural land? Whether you hope to grow potatoes in Idaho or raise livestock in Texas, here are a few issues to consider that can help steer you in the right direction.

First, identify your desired crop and then research which region is best suited for growing it. Most counties have a soils division that keeps records of soil samples. Contact local growers to get realistic expectations of what the land will produce. How will the natural elements affect your product? Do you have suitable water and irrigation methods established? Does the property have any slope or drainage issues? How will the shifting weather patterns affect your product? Does the area have insect or predator issues that could affect your harvest? How do you plan on storing your harvest?

Other property specifics to consider are legal access, zoning and mineral rights. Is someone else leasing the property? Has the property been surveyed and is it fenced off? Does the property have utilities?

These are all important questions to research when considering a land purchase. Don’t forget to talk with LandCentral. We offer quality land purchasing opportunities along with a knowledgeable staff. Let LandCentral assist you with your purchase of agriculture land.

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