Know before you go.

Tips for visiting your land.

By Candice Armstrong


With summer right around the corner, this is the right time to get outdoors, visit your land (or if you are considering purchasing a piece of land) and get to know your surrounding area. With any property purchased on, you don’t have to wait until the land is paid off to start enjoying it. You can use the property while you are still financing it.

If you travel a long distance to visit your land, there are a few key things you want to keep in mind: If you plan to stay on your land for a few days, verify with the county that this is allowed. Usually the planning and zoning department at the county is the best place to start. If camping is not allowed and you do need lodging, research what is available in the area. Plan for how long the drive will be from the town to the property. That way, you’ll know how much gas you will need. Bring food and water with you and start out during the day for the best visibility.

Here are some additional tips that will save you time and make your trip more successful:

#1: Go prepared. Study your driving directions and the maps in detail before you go. Google Earth is a free and helpful tool you can download onto your computer. Use it to view your property in satellite mode and possibly even get a street view. Doing so will help you get acquainted with the area your land is in.

#2: Use your odometer. If you are traveling dirt roads to your land, it is possible that some of them will not have street signs. You can use the odometer on your car to measure how far you have gone between each step in the driving directions.

#3: Use Coordinates. Use the latitude and longitude coordinates of your property instead of a street address (vacant land will not be assigned an address in most cases). You can use a GPS that has latitude and longitude capability or you can use your smart phone. Properties are unmarked, so using coordinates will ensure you have made it to your property.

#4: Call us first. If you have any questions about finding your land, please call us before you go. We can be reached at 877-257-0231 or 360-448-4292. You also can email us at

Our financing customers should know that, in addition to going out and taking a look at your property, you can start developing it right away. Our rule of thumb is, if your plans get the green light from the county and/or city, then its ok with us too.

At, we love hearing about all of the wonderful things our customers are doing with their land, so please share your stories (and pictures) with us. We wish you safe travels and a lot of fun when visiting your land.

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