Top 3 Places to own land in a Zombie Apocalypse

By LandCentral

Top 3 Places to own land in a Zombie Apocalypse You can find plenty of internet space devoted to tips and tricks for surviving the zombie apocalypse.  A lot of the advice centers on the philosophy of “arm up, drive to a place without a lot of people, and stay alert.”  But what if you could have your perfect zombie-proof fortress ready before the first of the living dead crawls up from their grave (or science lab)?

Here is LandCentral’s advice on the best places in which to invest for a potential zombie apocalypse.

#1 Alaska

The Upside …
Alaska only has 1.2 people per square mile, so you will have plenty of space to avoid ravenous hordes of zombies.  There are also plenty of natural resources: wild animals for hunting, great fishing lakes, and plenty of trees.  Food, water and fuel are all readily available.

The Downside …
Frostbite.  Alaska can get very cold in the winter, so you will need to make sure that you build a nice sturdy shelter for warmth as well as defense. Also, the idea of a zombie moose is completely terrifying, so keep that in mind as well.

#2 Nevada

The Upside …
If you stay away from the big cities like Las Vegas and Reno, many of the rural areas of Nevada are almost as devoid of people as Alaska.  Even better, the building and zoning codes in northern Nevada are usually very lax.  If you’re building a specialized building – an easily defendable fortress, for example – or putting in alternative energy sources, it is easier to do so in Nevada.  And remember, it’s much easier to construct your zombie fortress before the apocalypse hits when you can hire licensed contractors.

The Downside …
Lack of water.  Make sure you put in a good well or set up a rainwater collection system, because if you are planning to live in rural Nevada, water is a rare and precious resource.

#3 Colorado

The Upside …
The mountains of Colorado are not only beautiful, but they can provide a valuable natural barrier to zombie incursion.  If you find land in a beautiful alpine valley, you may only have to deal with 2 or 3 ways that zombies can reach you.  Colorado also has many rural areas, especially in the southern part of the state, where the population density is very low.

The Downside …
Competition.  Colorado consistently ranks high on “zombie survival” lists so you may find lots of other zombie survivor exports competing with you for the best piece of land or the best merchandise at the gun store.

Bottom Line

Wherever you choose to settle, having a plan and preparing before you start to build is good advice to everyone who plans to invest in vacant land. This is true whether you are building as an investment, for your future home or planning for the zombie apocalypse.

For more in-depth information, published a list of the US States Most and Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

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