The LandCentral Title Transfer Process

By Candice Armstrong

Everyone looks forward to the day when they have paid off their land and have one less monthly payment to make. Besides the happiness you feel, you may also have many questions about how and when the property will be transferred into your name. The process for the transfer is actually very simple, and after reading this article you will know what to expect and when to expect it!

Step 1. The LandCentral finance department receives your payoff, via internet payment, phone payment, check, money order or cashiers check in the mail. The finance department verifies that they have up to date information for the deed. This is your current address and how you wish to hold ownership to the land.

Step 2. The finance team sends you a payoff confirmation letter which you should receive approximately 2-5 days after the account is paid off.

Step 3. Approximately 30 days after the account is paid off, the preparation of your deed will be complete. You will be mailed a courtesy copy of the deed, and the original deed will be sent to the recorder in the county where your property is located.

Step 4. The county Recorder’s Office records your deed. The turn-around time is different for every county, so this process can take a week or several weeks depending on their backlog.

Step 5. The county recorder mails you the original deed with the recording stamp on it.

Step 6. You begin receiving your tax bill directly from the county. Every county mails their tax bills at different times, but you can always call them to check on your individual bill.



That’s it! LandCentral does all the work, and you can just sit back, relax and think about all the fantastic things you have planned for your land.

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