How to Make Money Flipping Vacant Land

By Candice Armstrong

What does it mean to “flip land”? The short answer is buying land for a low price and selling it for profit at a higher price. That definition makes it sound really simple, right? Well there is a bit more to it than that. Flipping vacant land does take some time, effort and sometimes even a little luck. Just remember, it will all be worth it when you have done your first successful transaction!

Best Options For Flipping Vacant Land?

Option 1: Large acreage

Larger pieces of land can often be subdivided into smaller pieces or lots to be sold individually. When you think of the word “subdivide” you might think of hundreds of acres for a large-scale subdivided community. But subdividing can happen on a much smaller scale. A ten-acre parcel can be divided into five two-acre parcels, for example.

Option 2: Land in a developing area

Research, research and more research! Look for areas where there is a lot of land available, and there has been steady population growth. Have a tip on where a company is putting in a manufacturing plant or company headquarters? New road being put in an area where there were previously no roads? Is an area gaining popularity or notoriety due to some other reason? Buying land in an area in any of those scenarios is likely going to be a great opportunity to flip land.

Option 3: Land you can make improvements to for little or no money

Doing the legwork for your buyer is going to make you more money on your flip. Some ideas: Turn a property from a recreationally zoned property to a building site by getting a conditional use permit. Put a road into the property. Clear the land to make it easier to use. Have it surveyed and the survey lines marked. Have the property perked for a well so you can advertise it as having water available. Get the land septic-approved.


Helpful Tip To Consider When Flipping Your Land:


1. Real estate investors make money when they purchase the property, not when they sell it.

2. Have a plan on how you are making the purchase, along with a plan to sell it.

3. Stick to your plan; if the investment fits your strategy make it happen. Losing an opportunity is a horrible feeling.

4. Know your investment and the market. If it is a really good deal then why is it still on the market? Good investments don’t last long.

5. Don’t become emotionally attached to the investment.

6. Know what you can afford.

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