Land as an Alternative Investment

By Courtney Hageman

Have you been thinking about investing in land, but have no idea where to begin?

Traditional investments, such as stocks, bonds and cash aren’t for everyone. The process can be daunting and confusing to outsiders, as well as pricey. Luckily there are other investment options that break away from tradition.

Is Investing In Land Safe?

Owning land is a great alternative investment for those thinking outside the box. Unlike stock shares or bonds, land is a tangible investment. You are able to physically see, touch and navigate your property. Another benefit of land investment is the limited supply of land; once vacant properties run out, they cannot be reproduced.

Land-InvestmentUnlike the complex and complicated process associated with traditional investments, investing in land is a simple and clear-cut process. Once you are a landowner, your possibilities are endless.

Landowners often purchase property to build homes, enjoy recreational activities, or flip the land for a quick profit. However, there are many landowners who purchase vacant plots for the sake of long-term investing, in hopes that one day its value will significantly increase.

How Do I Make Money With My Land?

Although investing in land does not produce a regular income during the waiting period, there are creative ways to turn the property into a short-term moneymaker. Often, landowners rent their property to nearby farmers or hunters. They also charge fees to allow people to use their property as a temporary storage site or camping ground.

Smart long-term investors thoroughly research an area before purchasing a property. They study the direction of growth in areas they are interested in pursuing. The direction of growth shows areas where properties have potential to be the most valuable. The closer vacant property is to largely developed areas and paved roads, the higher the value and the more desirable it will be in the future.

How Much Does Investing In Land Cost?

Investing in land does not need to be expensive. Today most parcels have been divided into smaller individual lots, making it more affordable and manageable for almost anyone to own land. Whether you are interested in investing in land short-term or long-term, the possibilities are endless.


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