7 Perks to Living Off Grid

By LandCentral
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Living off grid has many perks. From saving money to freedom from the system, off grid living is becoming the fastest growing lifestyle for retirees and the next generation coming up. We’re sure the high cost of living has something to do with it. But there’s many other benefits to unplugging from the matrix. Check out LandCentral’s 7 Perks to Living Off Grid:

#1 – Amazing Views

If you find yourself on an off grid property, chances are you’re surrounded by nature. Whether it’s desert or forest land, the views are amazing. This is what it means to live off grid. Waking up to awe inspiring sunrises and falling asleep beneath a blanket of stars. That’s right, the lack of light pollution means the stars come out in full force on your off grid lot. But this isn’t the only perk to living off grid.

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#2 – Save Money

We mentioned it above, but it’s worth repeating. You actually save money by living off grid. Sure, it may cost a bit up front, but off grid living can be tailored to you depending on your budget and just how much time you want to invest in your new homesteading life. Check out the variety of ways you can save your money:

  • Collect rainwater – This is free water you can collect and store, ready to use later.
  • Live on a well – If your land doesn’t come with a well, you may have to put one in, but you’ll have no recurring utilities bill after that. Not a bad trade if you ask us.
  • Use solar panels – Another way to ditch the utilities bill, solar panels are an affordable way to power your home, especially if you live in a sunny climate. Solar panels can be placed on your roof or somewhere else on your property then wired in to your home.
  • Grow a Garden – Ditch the grocery bill and grow your own produce and herbs in your very own garden. This is an easy way to save hundreds of dollars and know exactly where your food is coming from. Since most healthy food comes from natural ingredients, you’d be surprised at how many things you can make with a well planned garden.
  • Raise Your Own Animals – Many people living off grid raise chickens not only for eggs, but for the meat too. Other easy and useful animals to raise on your homestead include ducks, goats, sheep, and quail.

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#3 – Peace, Quiet, and Freedom!

Starry nights, the gentle sound of nature; this is all possible when you remove the neighbors. Having space from the urban jungle brings about a peace and quiet one can only dream of. There’s a freedom to be had when you wake up to the sound of birds and not your neighbor’s lawn mower. If that’s not a big enough reason to try off grid living, we don’t know what is.

#4 – Pride in What’s Yours

There’s something primal about going back to basics, about living off the land and being self sufficient. It’s almost like it’s built into our DNA. Surviving on your own and making your own way brings a sense of pride that when the zombie apocalypse comes, you’ll be ready. At the very least, you’ll learn some long forgotten skills on how to truly make a living.

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#5. – Cleaner Air

City air has a suffocating element to it. The pollution from the car exhaust, manufacturing plants, and other sources can have us forgetting how to breathe. All of this goes away when you head to the country. Being able to take a deep breath of fresh air on your own off grid lot is worth the trade off of having to work more for the modern conveniences.

#6. – Smaller Footprint

If you have the state of the planet on your mind, you can rest easy knowing that living off grid significantly reduces your carbon footprint. You’re taking less and giving more when you scale back your lifestyle and live smaller. Growing your own food, using less power, and utilizing what mother nature gives you are all impactful ways to make a difference for your planet.

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#7. – You don’t Have to Work as Hard

Now hear us out on this one. Yes, you may have to work harder on your land for the smaller conveniences, like growing your food verses buying it at a store, but where you don’t have to work as hard is for your paycheck. Freeing up monthly expenses means you don’t need to make as much money. Which means you can potentially have more time on your hands to devote to your new off grid life.

So there you have it. LandCentral’s 7 Perks to Living Off Grid. Of course there are more, but these 7 do the trick to convince anyone who’s tired of the rat race to consider a better, more conscious way of living. So when you’re ready to give off grid living a try, let us know. We have just the properties to get you started!

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