Black Friday Deals Revealed!

By LandCentral

Now these are discounts worthy of a REAL Black Friday Sale. We aren’t messing around this year. We aren’t offering mediocre discounts all month long. We aren’t getting you excited for tiny savings. These deals are only here for 3 days and they are huge!

Take advantage of these deep discounts:

  1. 25% Off
  2. Only $89 Down
  3. No Document Fees

With 25% off, you are saving on the overall purchase price of your land. Real Estate all over the country is exploding. Everyone wants more space, more distance, the ability to really get away. Let this discount be the boost you need to get out of the crowded cities and find your own place of freedom.

Only $89 Down? No Doc Fee? Are those a bid deal? YES! Typically you are coming up with at least $300 on the day of purchase. That can be difficult, especially this close to the holidays. This way, you can get into the property for even less than your monthly payment will be. That’s a huge opportunity especially around this time of year when so many things are competing for your money.

Join the thousands of land buyers who have purchased with us. We hear it all the time: our buyers appreciate the freedom their land has given them. They appreciate the chance to own something all their own. They appreciate the change to dream about the future ways they want to use their property. In this year of 2020 and the covid pandemic, they really appreciate that they own something outside of the big cities. Their own little place to get away.

Act Fast, these deals are going away soon!

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