Celebrate Black Friday with LandCentral

New Choices and New Properties

By LandCentral


Find land for sale with cash discounts, rate reductions and payment options

People shopping for land are in for a treat this November 17–28, when we roll out LandCentral’s Black Friday promotion.

LandCentral, is a family-owned, national company that sells vacant land online. We will unveil specials that offer lower interest rates, cash discounts, and even a choice of monthly payment.

Our customers want greater freedom when choosing land for sale. Plus, we do our level best to make property affordable so that it is within reach of the average customer.

Starting November 17, we will feature the following Black Friday promotions:

  • 17-21: Customers can choose to reduce their interest rate
  • 22-24: 20% off cash discount[1]
  • 25-28: Freedom to choose a monthly payment

New land available

We plan to release over 100 new properties in 11 states over the 12-day period, including properties in Texas and South Carolina.

Our easy-to-use website (www.landcentral.com) helps potential buyers locate and purchase land across the country. Another benefit is that our company helps customers bypass many of the barriers experienced in traditional property transactions.

At LandCentral, we make the process of buying land straightforward, smooth and secure. Customers can shop online for vacant land across the United States, and settle the transaction without the need for realtors, banks, lawyers, title or escrow companies.

There are no credit checks, no closing costs, and the only requirement is a credit or debit card for a down payment. We also invite customers to visit the property first. Once a payment is made, buyers can begin using and developing it, providing that they follow county and homeowners association rules and regulations, and remain current on their land payments.

Celebrate Black Friday with LandCentral.

[1] 10% off all properties $2,000 and under

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