Enticing Weather in Florida

By Josh Speiss

After this year’s brutal winter for most of the United States, a lot of people are looking for an escape from Old Man Winter’s grip. When thinking of warmth, white sand beaches, palm trees, and an extremely temperate climate, Florida is the first place to come to mind. Known as the Sunshine State, Florida boasts some of the most desirable temperatures in the lower 48, with pleasant days more often than not. Join me as we look into what environmental features create Florida’s climate.

Being the most southern point of the United States plays a huge role in Florida’s warm, humid climate. The state is nearest to the equator, which is where the earth has is warmest and most humid. The equator plays an important role as to why warming occurs. The tilt of the earth in orbit around the sun allows areas along the equator to receive more heat from the sun’s rays. Added sun leads to more enticing weather in Florida.

Close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean also has a dramatic effect on the weather Floridians receive each year. There is a large plume of moisture that is constantly streaming from either of these large bodies of water. On the positive side this keeps the winters fairly warm and mild, with cold fronts only occasionally sweeping across the state. However, it also tends to bring very high levels of humidity throughout the summer. Higher humidity will invariably lead to numerous summer thunderstorms. A lot of people living in Florida see this as a slight relief from the potentially excessive heat.

Average temperatures in Florida will range from highs in the mid 80s to lows in the mid 60s. With relatively high humidity levels, the air temperature can have a heat index, or feel, of 100º or more at times. The Sunshine State is also known for being the Lightning Capital of the world. With nearly 100 days of major thunderstorms each year creating hundreds of thousands of lightning strikes, it’s no wonder why Florida has claimed this title. If you find warmth and a great lightning show exciting, then Florida is the right place for you.

Florida has many drastically different weather patterns and features, but hurricanes are extremely prominent. Though not as common as you would think, since records of hurricanes were first kept in 1851, about 40% of all hurricanes that have hit the United States have hit Florida directly. The odds are much higher of seeing a hurricane pass through Florida than anywhere else. Today’s technology can produce warnings that are days, if not weeks, in advance of developing tropical storms. This allows most preparations to be done well in advance of any storm taking aim at the area.

It’s named the Sunshine State for a reason, the enticing weather in Florida will be shining on you more often than not. The sun will be shining on you more often than not. Living in a warmer, more temperate location may be just what you need to lose the stress of winter. Use LandCentral’s search engine to find the perfect location to start building your dream home today, and imagine a gorgeous Florida sunset in the background.


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