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Fascinating Housing Structures to Build on Your Property

By LandCentral

The possibilities are nearly endless for what type of home you can build on your property. It’s all about preference and location. What type of house would you prefer to call home, and where do you plan on building that home? Check out these fascinating ideas for homes that you can build on your property.

aframe homeA-Frame:

This type of home gives you a great opportunity to open up a floor plan and maximize the square footage and creativity in your home. An A-frame house is built with steeply angled sides that typically begin at, or near, the foundation of the home. Take a look at the picture below to see how this unique home resembles the letter “A”.




conch home styleConch House:

This type of home is fairly common in Florida, specifically around Key West and Miami. A conch house is built of wood on piers to allow air to circulate beneath the floor. This type of house can be made into a stylish, quaint home!





earth shelter style homeEarth Shelter:

This is a unique but trendy alternative home. An earth shelter is a home where earth is placed against the building walls to serve as a thermal protectant and to help maintain a steady indoor temperature. Some options for constructing this type of home involve building the home in a hillside, piling earth against the building walls to create a downward slope or building the home completely below ground through excavation. The picture below shows an example an expertly crafted earth shelter. You can see that the home blends in with the terrain and is partially in the ground.



stilthouse248Stilt House:

These houses are a great idea if you plan to build a house above water or on property that is located in a flood zone. A stilt house is built on piles, or deep foundation poles, to raise the building over the ground or body of water.





treehouse248Tree house:

No joke. These are becoming trendier among people who are looking to live a more earth-friendly lifestyle. A tree house is a platform constructed around, next to or among a sturdy tree and its branches. You are probably imagining the old boards that made up your tree house as a child, but a tree house that you can live in is much more than that.  Just look at how immaculate this tree house is.




yurt style homeYurt:

A yurt is a high-quality tent that is commonly used as a home. It is made of strong, weather-tight material that provides a sturdy shelter requiring very little maintenance. They are typically set up on a post-and-beam platform foundation and are a popular alternative home option for environmentalists and those looking to live off-the-grid.




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