Explore Burnett County, Wisconsin

County Spotlight

By Courtney Hageman

Located in the northwestern corner of Wisconsin and along the Wisconsin-Minnesota border, you’ll find yourself in Burnett County. This wide expanse of land is made up of 24 towns, each with a unique attributing feature that helps make the county of Burnett unique and diverse to other locations in the United States. From its geographical features to its close-knit communities, Burnett County is a great place to explore.



This area of Wisconsin is surrounded by a large variety of bodies of water. From the hundreds of surrounding lakes, to the Saint Croix River and even up to Lake Superior, there are plenty of water-based activities to fill your days with.

Burnett County is located just south of the southern-most tip of Lake Superior. With its close proximity to this Great Lake, there are ample ways to spend your days, whether it be boating on hot summer days or ice fishing in the dead of winter. In addition to its close proximity to Lake Superior, Burnett County is also home to the scenic Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway, which consists of various campsites, bike trails, and kayak routes.



Burnett county is predominately made up of flat, grassy land, great for agriculture and raising livestock due to the state’s rich soil and diverse climate. Similar to most of the state of Wisconsin, much of the farmland in Burnett County is dedicated to dairy farms. In addition to a large assortment of dairy farms, other popular agricultural sites in this area include corn, soybeans and cranberry bogs. In addition to farmland, Burnett County also hosts a variety of great hunting sites.



Although Burnett County is predominately made up of quiet farming communities, there are still plenty of activities to keep you entertained. When not spending time exploring the many lakes and forests of Wisconsin’s beautiful outdoors, a popular spot to spend time is the St. Croix Casino located in the town of Danbury. In addition, the town of Danbury is also known for its farmers market, offering a large variety of local produce and crafts.

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