Fire Prevention Through Yard Cleaning

By Chris Briggs

I’m a lucky man. I spend most of my day talking to people. In fact, I may have talked with you already. I talk with all types of people from all types of places, but they all have one thing in common: they either want to, or already do, own land. It’s the American dream and when we spend this hot, dry summer month setting off fireworks and starting up grills, a common risk expands: fire.


As people who own, or are considering owning, land we have many responsibilities. One frequently overlooked issue with vacant land is the growth of vegetation. It is hard enough to remember to mow the lawn at the house we live in, let alone that property we have on the other side of the state. Nonetheless, we are obligated to keep the plants on our land in check. Not only in an effort to keep the land beautiful and property value high (see the post: Gardening On Vacant Land), but also to prevent damage caused by fires. Excessive plant growth (usually weeds) can be serious fire hazards. A buildup of dead plants is one of the best sources of fuel for wildfire, and with an available tinder pile your overgrown plot of land could be burned to cinders by a passerby’s discarded cigarette or lightning strike.

Maintaining your land is not only a great way to avoid fines and minimize the risk of fire damage, but it is also a perfect way to improve your health. Countless studies have found physical, mental, and nutritional benefits of working your land. Weed removal may not be the most fun task, but the work you put into your land will not only spare you the risk of it burning, it will help you burn unwanted calories.

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